Steph & Chris Photography

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You love DEEPLY. You celebrate with your HEART. And you want photographers who GET YOU and know exactly what matters to you.

We're Steph & Chris, and we believe that wedding photography is more than pretty pictures -- when done right, it adds to your life, to your marriage, to your family.

Our own marriage is proof. There is GREAT impact in imagery.

When we photograph a wedding day, it’s through the vision that those images will be the ones you hang on your wall as a reminder to love. They’re the ones that you’ll pack last and carefully wrap when you move homes. They’re the images that your grandchildren will pour over. They’re the silver frame on the shelf.

They’re not just for day one of your marriage -- they’re for year five, ten, twenty, fifty. They walk with you through your marriage as a reminder of your commitment, and it is an ABSOLUTE privilege and honor to serve you.

Celebrations are our jam.
Documenting marriage is our mission.
Let us be there for you.

To get a deeper feel of how we work, check out our online magazine at https://issuu.com/stephchrisphotography/docs/mag

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