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Bryan, Texas
United States
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Most mornings you will find me in yoga pants with a mom bun, my new little one on my hip, trying to drink my coffee that gets cold all too quickly. My evenings are filled with a rowdy bunch of kiddos (we have 6 to be exact!), making dinners from scratch with whatever I find in the pantry (I think I was a chef in my past life…), and hearing about the days in the life of my sweet elementary school kids. I have been married to my hubby (whom I have deemed my #beardedlover, well because of his amazing beard!) for nearly a decade, we have experienced our share of ups and downs, made it past the 7 year itch and couldn't imagine a life without him. He still says "Good morning beautiful" whether in person or by text every single morning. He loves me much better than I deserve, and I love doing life with him. I love coffee (plain with half and half, and wayyy too much sugar!), reading a good book, listening to podcasts, I'm a whiskey girl,and a food channel junkie. My photography began as a way to document my growing family. I placed a high importance on pictures. I took my children to have their portraits taken quite often, and always dreamed of having gorgeous portraits but not knowing how to express this, or accomplish it with your typical studio. Back then (over a decade!), the type of photography we see today, was only available to the rich and famous it seemed. No one in this area, that I knew of, was doing it. So I set out to learn how to use my dad's DSLR. In manual. I gained so much joy from learning where the best lighting was, what settings did what, and how to compose a photo to evoke the most emotion. Today, I hope to show my love for this art. I hope you see the joy I receive from capturing your special moments. My hope is to be able to create heirloom portraits for your family to enjoy for a lifetime!