Even if you're working with an event specialist, staying organized while planning a wedding can still be a challenge. Everyone has their own methods of dealing with organized chaos, but old-school planners are definitely helpful! Here are some planners that match different personality types.

The Boss

This planner by Blue Sky is made for the #bosslady! The planner has a clipboard attached, so you have a built-in writing surface. If you'd consider yourself a #bosslady, this planner is for you! Blue Sky day designer, $14, BlueSky.com

The Fashionista

Love Nicole Miller wedding gowns? Well, you'll love her planners too! You'll be organizing in style with this planner! Nicole Miller clutch planner, $28, NicoleMiller.com

The Monogram Lover

Does everything you own have your initials on it? If so, this Plum Paper planner is for you! Plus, this may be the last time you sport your pre-married initials while wedding planning! Plum Paper weekly planner, from $31, PlumPaper.com

The Minimalist

If you would consider yourself to be a minimalist, then this Emily Ley planner is for you. It's simple pages are made for a fresh start to every day. Emily Ley academic daily simplified planner, $58, EmilyLey.com