Ferris and Margaret Romaire, high school sweathearts, have been married for 70 years! To celebrate, the couple had a wedding shoot--not only because it was a cute idea, but also because no photos were taken at their 1946 wedding. Photographer, Lara Carter, captured this adorable shoot on October 12, in Pearland, Texas. Margaret, 89, was wearing a beautiful lavender gown and had a colorful bouquet, while Ferries, 90, looked very handsome in his tux! "You can see the love between them in the way they interacted with each other and laughed together as we would go from the different poses", said photographer Lara. This story was originally covered by the Huffington Post. To view more photos from this special 70th anniversary, click here.
Photography: Lara Carter Article: Kelsey Borresen, Huffington Post